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My Mum.....

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hi to all.

i hope you dont mind me joining in with the group but i would like to ask a few questions.

my name is kellie, i live in west midlands (uk) .....my mum was told last march that she had a tumor in her cervix she has done 6 weeks of radiotherapy (every day) and her consultant has now given her a break from it but says the tumor has broke up and she may need 5/6 more treatments later on.

my mum had a problem with her kidneys (christmas 2003) and had to have a tube pput into it, something odviously went wrong after this operation and my mum ended up with a hole in her bladder, because of this my mum has to have a catheter in everyday (please excuse my spelling) and has been having alot of water infections causing her to vomit, bad stomach pains etc ....but also blood loss in her catheter. This is odviously scaring my mum as her consultant told her she needed to go back to him for more treatment if this happened incase the cancer was attacking her bladder aswell.

i was just wondering if anything like this has happened to anyone else. we are not sure if the blood is from shock of having to have so many catheters in, as they have been blocked and changed alot lately ...or is this blood because of the cancer?

i would be very gratefull for any advice or support given. im so sorry to be intruding onto your site...my mum doesnt have a pc so i thtought i would try to help. as you will all know this is a difficult subject and i know my mum find it hard to talk to anyone who hasnt got cancer themselves. but i would like to let you all know...i do know that feeling well...my son died from cot death in february 2004 at only 17 days old! so totally different but i know i cant talk to anyone else about this unless they have been there themselves....no-one in a different position to yourself can possibly understand how you feel...i feel the same. i do not know how my mum is feeling and i know i cant make it go away but i will do anything i can to help. at the moment all this is getting her down.

thank you and take care x


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Hi Kellie,

You sound like a sweetheart and your Mum is lucky to have you. I really don't know anything for sure about your Mum's case. But I wanted to tell you not to apologize for posting here. CSN is for all who are touched by cancer.
I do think that having to use a catheter all the time could cause irritation that would bleed. But unfortunately it could be from the cancer as well. I really recommend that your Mum goes back to her Doctor as soon as possible.
I wish you and your Mum all good things.


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I was treated for cervical ca in 2002. The cancer had blocked my kidney, as well as invaded my bladder.

The tumor had been blocking my kidney long enough to keep it from functioning properly, so I had to have a stent (tube) inserted between my bladder and kidney to keep it from being blocked. It had to be changed periodically, and I know that it was quite painful and did sometimes cause some bleeding.

The tumor had also invaded my bladder. I was treated with both external and internal radiation. The radiation caused damage to the bladder, so that for a time I would have some bleeding.

It sounds like the catheter could be causing the bleeding, but please have your mum talk to her doctor and have it checked out...even if the bleeding is because of the catheter, there should be something that can be done about her discomfort.

Take care and God bless.

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I also had alot of problems with bleeding. I was diagnosed with radiation cystitis, which is basically damage to the bladder caused by all of the radiation. I am taking alot of different medications, but was told there is not alot to do about this- besides hyperbaric oxygen treatments, or removing the bladder completely. The bleeding became so bad, I began passing clots. I was then given a cystoscopy and a lazer was used to burn the blood vessels. The recovery has been very painful, long, and slow- but the blood clots have stopped and the bleeding has become very infrequent. I also take glutamine powder three times per day. This helps to heal your body from the inside out. i hope this helps, if you have any other questions, my e-mail is Bon1978@aol.com Good luck to your mom, I hope she recovers soon.

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