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OK... actually it was Bud... and he e-mailed... but he wanted to pass along the following message:

"Delta has a R/T including 4 days at the IP for around $600.00..you might advertise that to the fence sitters.. Bud"

IP = The Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino, located about 10 minutes from my place, nice water views - oh, and that package was from Alaska so you might bet by a little cheaper.


- SpongeBob

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mmmmmm....now if ah go down to me local marina maybe ah can hire a yacht n be there by next years reunion?????

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Hey Kanga...

On another note...what kind of connection do you have with Ugg boots? What is the currency exchange between American dollars and Austrailian cash? We may be onto something...!


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Hey Stacey.......are you trying to ask me how many UGG boots I can get on a yacht??
"better not tell Sponger"
A man could end up being deported--lol!!!
The ozzie dollar is worth 76 cents in the US.
And we know all too well the "ozzie" ugg boot..oh..and the controversy surrounding the copyright name.
Actually Stacy, we buy lots of motorcycle stuff from the states, it works out cheaper than here.
For example; My inserts bags for the Yamaha Panniers were over $250.00 over here. We bought them from the states(exact same item) and they cost us $88.00(incuding postage)
Now hows that for a saving!!!
luv kanga n Jen

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