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My Son Turned 10 Today!

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and I was HERE to see it!! I am so happy. He had just turned 7 when I was diagnosed. I am lovin' life today (and most days really!) Hooray.

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Taunya,

Happy Birthday to your son, I hope you both had a wonderful day. I know how you feel Taunya, my son was 10 when I was diagnosed and now he's 13.

Hooray To You Both ! ! !

All my best for tomorrow and every tomorrow after that.


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Taunya -

Happy birthday to your son and happy living to you!

Here's to many more! Personally, I plan to live to be 95 and then die in bed... shot by a jealous husband.



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Happy Birthday to him, And Many more to come.

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Hi Taunya,

Hi Tanya,

Happy Birthday to your son and congrats to you on your three years. I think us surviors can live life to the fullest because we know how fragile it can become. Sounds like you are doing a great job! Take care and a great big HOORAY for you..

Luv, Maggi

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How wonderful. I am so happy for you.
My sons were 10 and 12 when I was diagnosed and are now 12 and 14. I know what you mean.
Hooray is right.

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Hey Taunya....did you give the young fella big hugg. Of course you did!!
But did you give him an extra bear hugg and tell him just how much your friends here would like you to hugg him from us?..Awww--yah better give him another snuggle sweetie!!
Happy birthday to tha young fella.Getting thru his teenage years is gunna be a ball Taunya...in another 5 years you are gunna come here and ask us to offer you advice on teen dating!!!...he he !!!!
luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

Sponger....when I'm old, decrepid n in a wheel chair you gunna visit me????

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Congratulations! I have celebrated my childrens' birthdays with such joy, surviving rectal cancer for the last 6 years. I can remember celebrating my youngest son's first birthday on the day of my first post-surgical chemotherapy treatment. He is now in 1st grade...and my daughter, who was 6 when I was diagnosed, got her varisty letter in Cross-country as a 7th grader this year! Every year that I am here is a year of security and warmth for the kids. I am so happy that I have been here with them. Congratulations on your accomplishment of celebrating your son's birthday. It is an event worth that celebration, and makes the pain of this disease, well, fighting this disease, worthwhile.

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