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enlarged lymph node

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I had stage 1 renal cell carcinoma, had a radical nephrectomy in 2003. I recently discovered an enlarged lymph node in my groin area and I'm scared to death! I'm having my check up cat scan this week. Anyone else have anything like this?

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Hey Cindy,

It doesn't sound like you should be worried about anything until the scan comes back. I've had the same thing before, but unrelated to my own Stage 1 RCC. I actually had the enlarged lymph nodes about the same time I had a kidney stone or two -- also unrelated to the RCC. The tests will tell you for sure, though.

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My husband has stage 4 rcc mets to bone and lungs. Radical left nephrectomy, adrenal gland and lumph nodes in Oct 04. Just developed swelling in left leg. Doc says its lymphedema caused by lymph nodes being removed during surgery and inability for leg area to filter out fluid. Maybe your enlarged groin lymph node is compensating by collecting more fluid that normal if any were removed during your surgery. Keep the faith - try not to speculate before you get the test results. I'll keep you in my prayers for a good result this week.

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