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Brain lesions

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My mother, who is 41, just told me that she has a brain lesion, which as a result causes seizures. I don't know much about the subject, and haven't found any information that satisfies my concern and curiousity. If any knows of any extensive information please let me know. thank you.

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My son had a bone marrow transplant in 1996 for AML ( leukemia ). Shortly after he had a massive memory loss and started having small seizures. The docs at Children's in Cincinnati did an MRI and saw small white round spots in his brain. They said they were probably scars from the heavy chemo. The docs said that the areas the spots ( now scar tissue ) were in would cause epilepsy and learning disorders along with behavorial problems. They were certainly right about those predictions. He was 8 years old during the transplant. The docs offered no help and acted like they had never seen such a thing in a chemo patient. It was later determined that he had contracted histoplasmosis that got into his brain during his lengthy immunosuppression. The disease became inactive as his immune system became normal but the damage was done. He is cured of cancer but unfortunately he faces problems everyday in life from the calcified lesions and will the rest of his life. I don't have any easy ansewers but I do know what your talking about. We live in southern Ohio and went to Wayne State in Detroit and saw a Dr. Jeffery Loeb,a neurologist,who specializes in calcified brain lesions. He was very nice and got my son into a clinical trial to try to minimize the effects of the brain stones as he called them. There are diseases in the third world that get to the brain and leave calcified lesions in the brain and is the leading cause of epilepsy in many countries. You can try to contact Dr. Loeb and he may be of help. He's the only doc we met that ever tried to find some ansewers to my son's problems. He will talk to you and is a very nice man.
Please feel free to contact me here, my site name is dickl.

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