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Better Day!

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A few encouraging responses from the likes of Ron and Sponge Bob as well as some rela empathy from like-minded souls...who wouldn't feel better. Beating cancer is a full-time job, and yet we have to keep up with our normal every day lives as well. It is a challenge, but one that I feel a bit more up to today. Thanks guys...and while I will be busy with 3 murder trials over the next 5 months, I will at least try to get in the sauna at my gym...it's the next best thing to the warm beaches I long for at times. Keep well today everyone...we win our battle each day we get up and get it done.

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Thank you also for being so encouraging. It is so good to hear from long term survivors. It gives us hope that we too can be there!

We all have our down days and rightfully so. We have earned them. Unfortunately this dragon lives with us for the rest of our lives in some form or other.

Thank for staying connected to this group and those of us who are fighting for the second time.

Best wishes for many up days and lots of health in the future.


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You're a good man. Thanks for the inspiration. Jimmy

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Best of luck, Runner, on your upcoming trials. It's great to hear from someone who has survived and thrived.


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Runner..you have inspired me to re-evaluate my lifestyle...a bit more excercise is needed here!!! But if you think 'ol kanga is gunna go out n run the marathon you are sorely mistaken. lol!! Ok.....maybe a brisk walk around the town will suffice. Which means I better leave the motorbike in the shed...he he !
Thanks for your support Runner...means a lot to have a long term survivor giving us all hope mate.
cheers kanga n Jen

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