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New - What Should I Expect?

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I have Hashimoto's Disease - which I understand is autoimmune system destroying thyroid. I had a 1 cm nodule. Dr and surgeon recommended removal of thyroid - which is growing and of weird consistency (from Hashimoto). Biopsy of nodule is follicular variant of papillary carcinoma.

Surgeon out of town - don't know if he removed all or just part of thyroid (he told me "most" - he told husband "all"). I see both endocrinologist and surgeon next week.

Anyone have this follicular variant? What does it all mean?

Thanks from a newbie -

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Hi Jeanne, as I am new to this as well, I am not sure how helpful I will be. I recently had a "sub-total thyroidectomy" and that simply means that the thyroid is gone except for the small amount of tissue necessary to keep the parathyroid glands in place. So they say that they took all of it, but I would guess you and I have had the same surgery.

I also had the follicular-papillary cancer, however have not been in for my post op yet to have that explained. Thus far they have said that that is not uncommon and the expectations are the same as for simple papillary cancer.

I had another notation on the pathology of the needle biopsy that I keep forgetting to ask the doctors about. There were some "spindle" cells in the biopsy, and I would like to know what significance that has. I found one website today that compares the spindle cells to anaplastic cancer and that doctors often disregard that...so I am curious about that? Have you ever heard of that with your diagnosis?

I have an appointment with my surgeon on Monday, March 14, and I will ask him about the follicular variant of papillary carcinoma and what the differences are. I will let you know what he says.

Are they recommending I 131 treatment for you? I guess I will have it in about 5 weeks. Wish I knew what to expect.

Right there with you, newbie! Kandi

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