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For Woman-Menstrual Cycle Irregularity (?)

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I was told that chemo ABVD, can throw off a womans cycle. Does this happen to every woman and does anyone know how likely it is? Thanks for reading.

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I had 6 months of ABVD and it did stop my periods during treatments. But about a month or so after treatment ended they came back again. i don't know if this happens to everyone though, I think it depends on the person. Good luck to you.

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I finished 12 ABVD treatments in April of 2004. I stopped having my period after my sixth treatment. It returned exactly one month after my last treatment in April.

For the past 8 months my cycle has been back to normal.

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I had ABVD 6years ago, at that time I was regular but, since last two years I have started having irregularity I have tired pills, patches nothing seems to work so far , and my periods are longer than usual. I am still trying to figure out what to do next and find the cause of this irregularity whether it is really ABVD or something else. Let me know if anyone has any info about it.

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I had ABVD 11 years ago. Since then I have had a constant period. I bleed every day. I have been to several specialist and was labeled a medical mystery by Washington University in St Louis. They told me that I would never be able to have children. I now have a 13 month old baby boy. I stopped bleeding for the 9 months I was pregnant and they thought it might fix the problem, but it did not. I am now back to bleeding almost everyday. Please let me know if anyone else has had this problem.

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I had 6 months of ABVD - my periods didn't stop completely but became more irregular as the treatment progressed.

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well you posted this a long time ago, but i thought i'd tell you that i had abvd for 6 months and my period never stopped. it showed up just like clockwork every month! my onc told me i'd probably stop menstruating but it never happened. i guess it just depends on the person! hope you're doing well.

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i had 6 months of ABVD at age 32. Diagnosed when my 2nd baby was 2 weeks old so it's not known exactly when it started in pregnancy as I was relatively asymptomatic apart from tiredness which I put down to late pregnancy anyway!). Oddly though, from a relatively unpredictable 35 day cycle pre cancer, my periods became spot on 28 days during chemo! And has stayed 26-28 days since. Not sure how that worked! I'm now 5 years in remission by Gods grace and my boy is 5 yrs and beautiful and well :)

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