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I was diagnosed last April with stomach and esophugus cancer. As of today I am cancer free. I would look to get in a clinical trial. It worked for me. Iwas at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago. www.nmff.org I had chemo and radiation first, followed by surgery, followed by more chemo. The treatment was rough but as of today worth it. If you are near a teaching hospital go there. The teaching hospitals are on the cutting edge and have been seeing some very positive results with the trials they are running. Don't get to caught up in the numbers. The 5 year survival rates as published are not good, but they also don't reflect the treatment being offered today, they reflect the treatments 5 years ago. Great strides have beem made since then in this area of cancer. The one thing I would advise is to keep the doctors informed about pain. Use all the available pain medications. Chemo and radiation are a bear to deal with but the meds can make it better. Feel free to e-mail me. Good luck.

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Hi, my name is Paul, 39, from Hockessin, Delaware. I was diagnosed with stomach cancer (a tumor half the size of my stomach) in June 2003. I went to the University of Texas' M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. It is the number 1 cancer research and treatment centers in the nation and the world. I underwent 6 months of chemo from Sept. 2003 to February 2004. By April 2004, the tumor was gone and the cancer that had spread to the liver, transverse colon, diaphragm and adbominal wall is all gone. I do exactly what the oncology department told me. Green tea, brocolli, tomatoes, cran-grape juice and almonds every day.
My wife and I can not say enough about M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. There is an oncology department for each organ in the body and a floor for each organ. The center is made up of 12 hospitals, I believe, from cancer treatments for infants to the elderly and even a veterns hospital. Our e-mail is rescue26@msn.com if you want to contact or call us.
Our only other option was Sloan-Kettering in NYC.

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Hello, I am 57 and was diagnosed in October 03 with stomach cancer at a stage 4. It had grown out of my stomach and and had entered my colon. Had chemo thru December and surgery in January 04.6 hour surgery removed most of my stomach and many other parts including a 13cm size tumor. Fortunately no cancer found in 6 nodes from the region. Had more chemo and 25 sessions of radiation. Still having trouble adjusting to a "new normal" lifestyle, but everything generally is going very well. Read all you can and try to have someone with for all medical conferences. We found it helpful to review to make sure we both heard the same thing. You will be bombarded with info. Good luck and feel free to contact me if I can offer any insight.

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I was diagnosed with stomach caner 12/04 and had surgery on 1/3/05, no chemo/radiation, they removed all of my stomach and spleen, now I am having with some indigestion, the reglan is helping. the numbers they give on the cancer recurring is not reassuring, but now I am just trying to get over the initial shock of the cancer.

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