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Atlanta GYN Oncologist

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I need to find any onclogist in Atlanta who takes care of ovarian cancer. I was referred to Dr. Joseph Boveri at gyn Atlanta and didn't like him. Are there any doctors who are compasionate or this doesn't happen anymore?

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I'm sorry you've had a bad experience with a doctor. My chemo oncologist is a really stiff guy, so I understand why you'd be looking for another one. My husband figures he's a real clinical type of guy, not a personable one - and that can be a good thing, too!

I'd call your local American Cancer Society and see if there's an ovarian cancer support group in your area. I hear many different doctor's names mentioned in the group I go to, and opinions about them.

Good luck with your search. I hope you'll try to get in touch with other women with experience with OVCA for a recommendation!

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You probably have a DR by now, but my mother saw Dr. Stephen Salimeiri (the spelling may not be 100%.) I met him on several ocassions, and he's a super nice guy. My mother loves him!

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Cancer can be cured, but not by Dr. Boveri. Your right, I don't like him neither. He made my mother suffer. She's doing better with her doctors at Emory.

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I must disagee. I found Dr Boveri to be very personable. Aside from that, his credentials are outstanding.
You must be comfortable with your choice of doctors, but a lot more needs to be considered then simply being "A super nice guy".

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I have to disagree about Dr. Boveri as well. I'm crazy about him. He's not the warm fuzzy type, but he treat me with compassion and always very patiently answers my questions. I've always preferred to go to women but was referred to him when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I'm very comfortable with him (and I'm a nervous patient).

You definitely need to be comfortable with your doctor, so it's important to find one that you feel is right. I just wanted to make sure to add my view to the opinions about Dr. Boveri.

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Ladies, who wants to go to a compassionateless and aloof doctor as eveyone says? Even the people who say here they like Dr Boveri don't have real good things to say about what he's like. I recommend you see Dr. Lawhead in Tucker. He's the best. His number is(770)938-3440

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I think I need to clarify my comments about Dr. Boveri. When I said I was crazy about him, it's because he's a wonderful doctor. He's very caring, very compassionate and is always very patient with me. When I said he's not the warm fuzzy type, I meant that he's not one to sugar coat things and sacrifice hard truth for courtesy. The reason he's late to see most of his patients is that when you are in his office, he gives you all the time that you need to ask questions and voice concerns. The last time I saw him he was very concerned with how I was feeling after my surgery and very compassionate about my nervousness on the table. I sure didn't think that someone would take my positive comments about him and turn them into negative ones. I understand the person who wrote the initial thread didn't like him, and that's her right. But please don't twist my words to fit your own agenda. I absolutely would not classify him as "compassionateless" [sic] or aloof. He's very warm and pleasant with me, and I wouldn't trade him for any other doctor. And by the way, the other women in the waiting room the day I saw him last felt the same way.

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Karleigh you don't know what your talking about. Dr. Boveri isn't anyhting like you say. You are right, thank you for saying it that he is always late to see patients and I didn't feel he ever cares. My experience was very different then yours since he was rough with me on the table and didn't show any compassion with my pain.

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Well, peachtreemom, since I've been called out personally, I'll respond personally to you. I don't know when this became about me. I certainly respect your right to disagree; please respect my right to have a different opinion. I DO know what I'm talking about. I'm a patient of Dr. Boveri's. I will admit that I don't know what you're talking about, as I wasn't there for your appointment just as you don't know what I'm talking about, as you are not there for mine. We can agree to disagree at this point. I would be grateful it you wouldn't personally go on the offense against me for having a different opinion. I was merely trying to give a balanced viewpoint. He's very gentle with me and very compassionate when I'm in pain. Obviously, your experience is different. There's no point arguing about it. At this point, we can both be glad that we have doctors that we like.

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I have read the comments here about Dr. Joseph Boveri and I just don't understand the negative comments.  Dr. Boveri is a brilliant doctor and a very caring and personable doctor.  He is slow in his appointment schedule and it is frustrating, but it's because he takes special care to give each of his patients as much time as they want/need to be comfortable and clear in their understanding of everything they discuss with him.  I have only ever received kind and courteous care from him. His surgerical skills are stellar and the scarring is minimal.  I have recommended him to several people and will continue to do so as much as I can.  All I can say is Thank You to him and his entire team for all they continue to do for me.  

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The Foundation for Women's Cancer is specifically for gynecologic cancers.  They list gyn oncs on their site you can search.  Good luck

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It looks like this is a very old thread. I would just add that if people post about their experience and ask for help what they need is support and help. The people who were defending the doctor can create their own thread to defend the doctor. This woman needed to vent her thread should not have been used to defend the doctor.

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