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Doxil Treatment

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Hi folks...I have been reading some of your discussions and have been moved by the support you all offer eachother. I have found it to be therapeutic for me as well. I have just started my first of four Doxil treatments and had some major skin irritation on my upper body. I am wondering if this lasts all the way through the treatment or if it will go away in another week or so. I don't know if any of you have had the same reaction as I have, but any info you have on this would be great. Although this is not the first battle I have had with ovarian cancer, I seem to be a little more scared this time. I am a 24 year old newlywed and have had a hard time finding people my age who have been through this too. My husband has been fantastically supportive, but there are times that I can tell he wishes he had the answers for me. I am reaching out to hopefully connect with people who may be experiencing what I am. If you have any success stories with Doxil, that might do me well now, too.

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Dear Marty,

I am so sorry you must deal with this monster at such a tender age. I am not your age but I will be starting Doxil next month...so I guess we will be in this thing together. This is a recurrence for me and the Carbo that they have been giving me is not working and my tumors are growing slowly.

I understand that peeling skin is one of the side effects and also heart damage. You are young, so maybe that will not be an issue for you.

Keep us posted and I hope you can find someone close to your age who will understand how this is effecting your life. Hang tuff little one!

Sandi (TealRibbon)

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Dear Marty, I am so sorry you have to deal with this at such a young age. I know there is a 21 year old in the chat room from Japan who had ovarian cancer. She goes by the name smilef.

I have not had doxil but know people who have and as teal said it is the skin problems that are the worse. I have heard the product bag balm and an udder cream have helped the most.

Keep on writing and know we are all hear for you. Praying, listening and giving the support that we can. It is scary when the cancer comes back and being a newlywed this has to be extra hard. I am glad you have a supportive spouse.

Prayers and Hugs Bonnie

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Sandi and Bonnie-
Thank you so much for your well wishes. So far, so good. I have been able to keep working which has been really good for me. I am a teacher and being with the kids has allowed me to think of things other than my health. I strongly recommend having something in your life to occupy your time...not that you need me to tell you that! Sandi-Doxil isn't too bad! It is one of the easier things I have had to deal with through this whole battle. Keep me posted on your progress as you begin a new regiment of treatment. If you know of anyone else who has had experience with Doxil, I am always interested in their body's reactions to the chemo I am on. Best of luck to you both! I will keep you in my prayers... Marty.

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I just thought I would let you know the reddness from the Doxil has started to go away...it took a solid week and can still be seen, but it is going away. I thought you might like to know this Sandi as you may face the same stuff when you start.

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