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Hi I was just wondering if anyone has had there period or any spotting after treatment,no hysterectomy for me just radiation and chemo. I haven't had one since 9/03. 2 days ago I started spotting I just had a pap test in december and the results came back good. Just wondering if I will get my monthly back or does this seem normal

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I was treated in 2002...external radiation with chemo, followed by internal radiation. The treatments put me into menopause, so I've had no periods since my treatment. I didn't experience any spotting...although with everything your body's been thru, spotting may not be unusual...best to check with your doc just to make sure.

Good luck and God bless.

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hi.i also had external and internal radiation and i have alot of spotting as well as heavy bleeding after sex. I have not had a period since my treatment. The doctors told me that the spotting was called breakthrough bleeding and it was normal. i am glad you had a good pap smear.

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