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Hey everyone,

My name's Joel. I'm 19 years old and have survived cancer. I was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma (bone cancer) almost a year ago. I was treated at Mass General Hospital with 14 cycles of chemo, surgery, and about a month of living hell known as radiation.

The last year has seemed almost a blur. Things are starting to return back to normal for my family and I, but so much has changed! I feel as though I have experienced a lifetime in the course of a year. My hair's just starting to come back in (peach fuzz everywhere for now), and I gotta say its great to know that it won't fall out again. :)

Anyway I thought it would be positive and constructive to network with some other survivors who have shared similar experiences. 2005 means a lot to me, it's the start of a new year, and in my eyes a new beginning. Even though I may not know you personally, I know how tough cancer can be, and for this reason I wish you all the best in this new year

- Joel

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Hey joel I know what you mean about the past year seeimg like a blur I feel that way about part of 2003 and most of 2004. It is rough though I did not have rads or chemo I have struggled with nerve damage due to a hopspital mistake. Im a 23 yr old Lung Cancer survivor its odd cause I barely remember my 22nd b-day cause I was Dx'd and then in the hopsital and so druged up when I turned 22. But with my left leg almost 100% and still cancer free 2005 seems like a great year so far! I hope to hear more from u joel!


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Joel, I'm glad to hear that you are doing well. I know what you mean. 2003 and 2004 have been a blur for me. diagnosed beginning of 03, chemo for 7 months, in remission for 2 months, relapse and spread, lots more chemo...then high dose chemo, and stem cell transplant, but i am doing well now an i am looking forward to a great 2005 also. i'm not as young as you are, but i am pretty young too. i just turned 28 and i've been dealing with these health problems since i was 24. so, hang in there and be strong. it sounds like you are doing well. have a great new year, and i hope to hear many more good things from you. i actually have my 9 month post transplant checkups this week.

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Hey guys,

Thanks for the replies. Like I had said in my previous post, my hair is starting to come back in. Although there is quite a bit of peach fuzz on my head it seems to be sparse in some areas i.e. its not growing in congruently all across my body. For example, I can feel fuzz at my browline and can see a shadow when I look in the mirror, but there's no REAL hair there yet, just a peach fuzz that isnt as thick as it is on my head. Kinda a dissapointment bc my hair has always grown fast since I have been a baby. Its only been about 6 weeks since I completed therapy though and theres a good ammount of fuzz on my head. I guess I shouldnt worry!

My question for you is, is there anything I can do to help speed up the growth of my hair? I've heard of shampoos and other products that claim to help, but I wondered if there was something you had used that would help? I'm sure there are threads where this has been discussed before, but I cant seem to find em.

Thanks again

- Joel

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i wish i could say that i know of something that can make your hair grow back more quickly, but i haven't heard of anything. just be patient and know that the hair thing is the least of your worries. it will be back before you know, i promise. but just to warn you, don't be alarmed if your hair grows back with a little different color and texture than it was before. it that happens, it will usually eventually come back to its normal pre-falling out color, but it may take a while. i just wanted to let you know just in case that happens to you. it's completely normal. hang in there. your hair will be back before you know it. take care.

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Hi Joel,

I'm a good bit older than you guys,but when I read this about your hair I had to respond-I'm a breast cancer survivor-I was dx in August 2003 right after my b-day,after everything we have to go threw with the treatments and all then losing all of your hair-It has been a year since my last treatment and I'm proud to say I have a headful of hair today-Not bragging it's just I'm so thankful,I don't know of anything that would make it grow faster -I only know that it takes a while. When mine first started coming back it poked out every which way not even at all -I didn't know what to do either.I worked through it all wearing wigs and hats and finally by August 04 ,I got up the nerve to go see a stylist to try and even it up ,of course I explained the reason that I needed an after hours appt.-I didn't want to flip my wig in front of alot of people.I still wore the wig another month before I ditched it.I'll never forget all of the stares I got my first day at work without cover.My hair seemed to grow faster though when I didn't wear anything on it - Don't know if that really has anything to do with it-but now I giggle when the wind blows through my hair ,it tickles-and when someone says your hair is messed up there I can only grin.
I just wanted you to know that there are alot of people who really do understand what you are going through. My thoughts are with You.

Happy New Year!!!!

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Thanks for the advice, it means a lot. As the days pass I can see it come in more evenly.

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All Nioxin products are good for helping hair grow back strong, smooth and thick. I used the folicle booster, shampoo, and conditioner and I know it really helped my hair come in nice. I also used tea tree oil on my thinner spots. Since hair growth comes from the blood (circulation) The better you eat and the more you work out the faster it will grow. I also took biotin and omega three to help my hair and my health.

Plus, you can take some condtioner and place a cap over you head and leave it on for about 15 mins a day. The combo of moisture and natural heat helps as well. Ties in with the idea that your hair grows more in the summer.

Good luck

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