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his treatment

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thanks to all who have answered me. I feel much better about letting my father know that he shouldn't be alone. He lives on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, and I live on the mainland. It is about a 5 hour trip if you make the ferry and $85 return, so to go back and forth won't work, and I have 4 kids at home. We will look into starting treatments here instead. Kangatoo, you asked about his treatment. It is 5FU/Irinotecan/Leucovorin, over 3 days every other week for 4 months. It is the side effects that worry me as he has always had an irritable bowel with much diarhea, and with his COPD the lung side effects are a concern.
Reading all the messages encourages me greatly, not even for myself, but how much you all support each other. It is very special.
Thanks again

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Colsie,

Glad to hear your dad will be staying with you... With 4 children you have a very busy life and you need to take care of yourself also. Cancer can be stressful on a family so take it one day at a time. Tell me is your dad on home oxygen at this time?
On another note we used to live in Richmond from(Jan 89- Sept 92). Then we moved to Riverview NB, and were still here and very happy.


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Hi Closie,
Hello to a fellow Canadian by the way!! Im am a Canadian living now in Cincinnati, Ohio (originally from Ottawa).

You are now taking on a role of caregiver to your father, as well as mother to your children and all of the other hats you are wearing. As the other Lisa said, be sure to take care of yourself as I know from watching my husband help me through this that the role of a caregiver is not an easy one.

As for side effects, the good news is that there are things they can do to alleviate nearly all of them and at the first sign of anything your father or you need to tell his oncologist so they can take care of it asap.

You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Come back to the board often Closie, we are always here to help you.

Take care,


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Hi Colsie,

I'm glad that your father will start his treatments with you.

As others have said, make sure you take care of you. I know that is easier said than done as my mother is living with me, her only child.

Please let us know of your father's progress.

Best wishes,


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Hi Colsie. Make sure dad heeds Lisa's advice. There is a very definate need for him to watch out for any side effects--even the most trivial concerns he may have he MUST report to his clinic/oncologist/nurses. There is absolutely no substitute for being complacent if he notices any change at all with his health. Better to tell them about it as soon as he feels something is not feeling right. Chemo effects us all differently and he and you must be made aware that almost all side-effects can be treated to minimise them. I think it is also necessary that you make your kids aware of the possible chemo effects to your dad. They need to know that this may be a difficult time for you all. The meds. will not only have an effect on him physically but also emotionally.
He may well have mood swings and your childrens ability to to tolerate this will be much needed.
Having said this Colsie, keep in mind that in some ways your dad is treading the unknown--so will you and your family. Understanding this will help you all to get thru this together.
I think on all carers as angels Colsie--and my lovely wife Jen is one of them. They too have a hard road to tread.
luv from OZ, kanga n Jen

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