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Going for scans now...

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Joined: Sep 2003

Hi all!

Managed to book a scan for this afternoon. Chest, abdomen, pelvis CT... If they are all good, it means remission. OOH, crazy, crazy word. So very, very excited. Won't be able to breathe till the results are in. If you guys could all keep your fingers crossed. It has always worked!

Andrea, who really, really, REALLY wants good news!!!

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Joined: Jun 2004

You got it Andrea. Fingers and toes are crossed for you. Best of luck.


Lisa Rose's picture
Lisa Rose
Posts: 597
Joined: Mar 2003

Hi Andreae,

Lot's of love & prayers are being sent your way today. Fingers & Toe's are all crossed and I'll do the " Breathing " for you...

As Always Andreae, You Rock ! ! !

Lisa (who's home in Riverview, New Brunswick where 47 cm of snow fell two days ago).

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Joined: Apr 2003

Ahoy, Andrea -

Greetings from (censored - top secret info) where the seas are a lovely 10-12 feet. Sorta feel like I'm on a ride at Disney World. Unfortunately, it doesn't just last 45 seconds. It's kind of an all-day/all-night thing. Talk about nausea!

Anyway - remember, when they do the chest X-Ray you will HAVE to "Breathe in... Hooooooollllld it... OK, BREATHE" so you musn't stop breathing.

Best of luck onyour results - I'll be crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes; sending you lots of positive energy, and holding my breath for you - so don't wait too long to give us the good news - lest my eyes get stuck like that and my lips start to turn blue, OK?


Love ya

- Sponge

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Joined: Mar 2004

i am typing this with my fingers crossed - NOT EASY!!! all the best to you Andrea - Positive thoughts and wishes to you!!!

2bhealed's picture
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Joined: Dec 2001

You got it Sweet Baby Girl!!!

Fingers are offically crossed (as soon as I am done typing).

And of course the prayers are being sent up too.....

Keep us posted!

peace, emily who skips the word remission in her cancer vocabulary (implies it's coming back)

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Posts: 1080
Joined: Aug 2003

good luck, I am rooting for great NED scans

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Joined: Jul 2004

i am crossing evertything. hope all scans are ned.
wishing for a happy NED new year for all semi-colons
all the best

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Joined: Aug 2003

Fingers and toes crossed -- sending prayers, best wishes and good vibes your way.

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Joined: Jul 2002

I have everything crossed!!! Let us know as soon as you can. I am sending the positive mojo......


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Joined: Jan 2004

Fingers, hands, legs, and toes are all crossed for you. I pray your results are excellent and that you get them soon.



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Everythings crossed and the prayers are being said. Remember the "Strength of the Human Spirit".



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Joined: Nov 2003

Give us an N!
Give us an E!
Give us a D!
What does it spell?
Wait, maybe we should ask someone who can actually spell.
Is SpongeBob available or is he hanging out at Hooter's drooling over his cheese fries?
I hope u get an N E D out of your scan. The bestest word in our world.
Aspaysia, officially NED for over a year.

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Posts: 2598
Joined: Apr 2003

It's NOT my cheese fries I'm drooling over at Hooters - heck, I don't even like fries!

Jeez, first people thought I was a drunk, now they're gonna think I'm a dirty old man! Thanks, AssP... It's good they know and accept me for who I really am!

- SB

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Joined: Feb 2004

As always, wish you the very best results Andrea.
Aw--just a few crosses to go with the rest of my anatomy sweetie. Btw-you better practice crossing yourself Andrea. My scans are on the 4th and I am going to need a retaliatory effort!!
luv n huggs, kanga n Jen

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