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What are the symptoms of adhesions that cause bowel constriction?

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Hello, all. I wonder if anyone has been diagnosed and treated for problems resulting from adhesions? I was operated on in May, 2004, did pretty well, but now have occasional stabbing pains in the right side of my abdomen. I had radiation and chemo before surgery, and chemo after. The tumor was in my sigmoid arch. The pains come and go, but they seem to be getting more intense. I have my first post-op colonoscopy coming in a month or so. I don't know whether that will show anything, though. I was stage II.
Anyone have any thoughts? There is no where else that comes close to the information on this board. I was devastated by the passing of Bob on Christmas eve, and considered staying off here for awhile, but I realize it is the mutual support that is so freely given here that makes this place so wonderful.

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Hi Johnon, my husband just had surgery for adhesions. His first surgery for Stage IV cc was Feb. 2004. He experienced abdominal and hip pain. He started vomiting and couldn't keep anything down. I took him to the ER and they found a small bowel obstruction due to adhesions. He was in the hospital for 18 days, but they said his bowels were a mess. He had adhesions and his small bowels were twisted. They fixed him up and he is home now. I would mention this to your doc. When we did, they would contribute the pain to after affects of chemo. Make sure they check you good.

Happy New Year!

Linda (Baltimore)

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Glad you decided to keep posting. Just had a surgery last September after adhesion dx through CAT scan. Was admitted at the hospital through emergency and was comfined there for 5 days. My symptoms were: a) I thought I had a food poisoning due to increasing abdominal pain, b) was eating but nothing comes out, c) 4th day after pain was very intense called my surgeon and adviced me to be admitted at the hospital right away through emergency. I was immediately subjected with NG tubing to alleviate the pain right away. Was then subjected to CAT scan and this is how it was diagnosed. The next day I was operated on to excised the scar tissue that was streching or kinking portion of the colon that was causing the blockage. The NG tubing was not a very pleasant experience let alone the surgery. But the good news is that there were no new sign of bad cell growth and no cancer reccurance!. I had a Stage III with 2 suspected nodes but later found that it was a scar tissue. Had my surgery April 2002 and to date besides the adhesion incidence I am back to my new normal routine including jogging and playing a set or two of tennis.
The sypmtoms might be different for everyone, but my surgeon (very excellent one) adviced me that in the future if these symptoms happens again don't suffer, just go the the hospital and get it taking care right away.
I probably said too much but I hope this may help you or someone prepare for the diagnosis outcome.

Take care and hoping for the best,


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Thanks, Noel and Linda. That helps me a lot. Just the thought of that NG tube down my throat again is exasperating. I'd rather drink another gallon of go-lytely (which is the same thing as Miralax I think).
Happy New Year to all! It's got to be a better one than 2004.

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