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after effects of coming off folfox.

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Hi, I've had 2 operations, 2 series of chemo,2 radiations in the last 5 years,but, I have just had the folfox treatment of 12 cycles and came off it for now. We're going to decide in January what the next step is. I have been fatigued and have general achiness,especially in my abdomena. ( I had Stage 3 Rectal cancer with 2 recurrences).
Has anyone had the same experience and, if so, how long does it last.

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Hi BobCh,

I too had the 12 cycles of Folfox4. My chemo ended on Nov. 4, 2004 and my only lingering side effect is neuropathy in both my hands and feet. My feet are worse than my hands but I am noticing that the numbness is fading so I am hopeful that there isnt any permanent nerve damage which was a concern for me.

I was very lucky and didnt suffer any of the fatigue which I know is associated with this particular protocol. I had nasty nausea though which was (finally) controlled with meds.

As for the achiness, I dont have that either. My suggestion would be to keep an eye on things and report it to your doctor if it persists. What I was told is that, as a general rule, it takes as long for our bodies to feel "normal" again after chemo as was the length of chemo, i.e. almost 6 months for me.

I hope this helps. Keep us posted.

Take care,


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I have experienced fatigue & aches since coming off Folfox in May 2004. Had all the symptoms during the
tx, including nausea. Blood counts have remained low, but not low enough to warrant procrit shot. Good news is that energy is coming back slowly.

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