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hi all i need your help

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hi guys,
i am going for a scope on monday and i have to do prep today at 5pm. did someone say to drink it through a straw and did someone mix it with pina colada mix to make it taste better????
any suggestions will be helpful.
i wish everyone and there families a merry xmas and happy ned new year
all the best

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Hi fedester,
Good luck with your scope..and prep (always the worst part for me). Emily suggested drinking it through a straw, and it worked for others here who read her suggestion. I had the phospho soda stuff compounded at a special pharmacy into a pina colada base, but I still couldn't drink it. Something about the fleet phospho soda and the nu-lightly gives me instant projectile vomiting; I reverted back to the citrate of magnesia, with my doc's OK, as it is not as "cleansing" as the others, but I can get it down, and used a straw to boot!
Good luck to you...Judy

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hey fed,

someone on here had suggested drinking the **** through a straw and on my latest scope I did just that. It really worked. I forget who suggested it.....

I did not mix it with any pina colada. I put mine is apple juice. It really wasn't that bad. I was pleasantly surprised. My gut reacted and I felt nauseous but did not barf like normal.

So hey keep us posted how your scope goes, hey?

peace, emily who has never had a pina colada....

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does pina colada qualify as a clear liquid? i'm have a scope myself for wed this week. a pina colada sounds good to me!!

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Hi Mary, SORRY, but pina coladas are NOT clear liquids. The phospho soda compound made at a special pharmacy here is available in different flavors, pina colada and coffee being the most popular, but the stuff is still a clear liquid.

Hope I haven't confused everyone! You'll have to save your pina coladas until after the test! Regards, Judy

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Hi Bruce,

I don't have any magic that can make the prep any easier, but I do have prayers and good wishes being sent your way for great results. Let us know.


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Hey there, Fedester. Hope the scope ( and the prep) went well. I'm due in a couple of months for the "liquid salt" prep.

Did you try the straw thing? Did it work?

Has anyone tried a clear extract? Like vanilla or lemon ? They are so strong, they might help with the flavor adding minimal quantity. That is my fear...make MORE of a horrible tasting drink.

Let us know how you made out.

Prayers to you, always.

Love, Barb

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