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Well, I start physical therapy on Monday to relieve symptoms that I didn't even know that I had. How about that? I never dreamed that I had a stroke during my surgery in May. I know I was very sick, but never imagined this. I also have MRI or brain and one of back on Thursday. Was also supposed to had follow up with surgeon on Thursday. Guess I'll have to change that. Now for the question. I got out of the hospital on Wednesday night after they cleaned my colon out. Whew, was that rough. Irrigation 3 days. Miralax every day, and then the favorite Liquid dynamite(citrate mag). I hate that stuff. Well, what I want to know. Should I have had a bowel movement after coming home by now???? I had a little liquid on Thursday, but nothing since then. I'm still taking miralax every day and colace at night. Am I in trouble again????? Any help would be appreciated.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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"Liquid dynamite"... sound like something I drank at a little bar last night... WOO-HOO! Probably didn't affect me the same way your's did you...

Judy, by what you say below, you got yourself cleaned out and then haven't really put anything back in to have to push out since then. Girl, shovel in that turkey and 'taters and pie! Get ya some thing in there to have to get rid of! Aren't you hungry? If you have leftovers, I have a big crew here that will gladly help you get rid of them. You know how much it costs to feed 76 "growing boys"? I need all the free leftovers I can get!!

Seriously, though, remember the old computer adage, "Garbage in, garbage out" - same applies to uor bodies, if you don't put some garbage in, there ain't nothin to garbage out. If you don't feel bloated, gassy, or have pain, you're probably OK.

Chow down!

- SpongeBob

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