ED after prostate surgery

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There doesn't seem to be any 'normal' period of time following prostate surgery (10/18/04) as to when I can expect to be able to have normal erectile function return. (hoping not hear 'everybody is different!) I'm 73, considered to be very fit. All comments welcome. Thanks


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    I'm not going to say what you have already heard. My erections resumed within one month with no assist at age of 58. Friends of mine have had to use meds with results from some but not all brands. Others have commented on using the injections and getting excellent results. Still others have mentioned using pumps.

    There are several types of assistance out there and I would give each a suitable trial. If it were me I would probably try the meds first.

    Good luck,

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    I had surgery almost 6 months ago (I'm 56)...and things are going slowly...I seem to be getting closer...My doctor told me that it can take up to a year for the nerves to heal enough...and has suggested that I think about trying a medication in the meantime...I'm still in denial over the whole thing and am trying to avoid going to medication...but if things don't get materially better soon I suppose I will give some kind of medication a try...good luck..Jerry
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    I had RP 6/4/03. I'm 44 and still have not been able to get an erection after 19 months. I tried viagara but it didn't work. Then I tried caverject injections. That worked for a while but now it is not so good. The ED bothers me but I thank the Lord everyday that I am healthy otherwise. I will pray for you. Your surgery was relatively recent and you still have some time to recover your ability to get an erection.