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Hi everyone,
I haven't posted in a while and just wanted to let you know that I'm doing ok physically. My pet scan this week came back clear! I'm having a difficult time emotionally. I think that since I was diagnosed I have been on autopilot and now I'm really feeling the diagnosis. This has been a bad year. Aside from being diagnosed with cancer, a close friend's mother passed away and my best friend's son was in a horrible car accident 2 weeks ago and has a brain injury. I'm also going through a separation. I see a therapist and am on Effexor, but it doesn't seem to be doing a whole lot at the moment.

I am determined to celebrate the New Year positively and am looking forward to it.

So to everyone, have a great holiday season and a very Happy New Year!

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Hi there,
I was thinking about you because I haven't seen any postings for you in awhile. I had a horrible year as well. My mother's diagnosis and my brothers heart attack was just oo much to handle. I'm hoping 2005 will be a much better year and I wish the same for you.

My mother was so strong when she was first diagnosed. She was diagnosed in March 2004 and I think it only sank in after she came home from the surgery which was in July. Sometimes it takes time to sink in.

I hope you get the strength to deal with this. Stay Strong and positive. You have no other option.


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Ahoy, crazylady -

I can appreciate your bad year. The year I was diagnosed, my dad lost his fight to cancer, two weeks later I found out I had it, I was served divorce papers by my darling ex while still in the hospital, and had to pick up a part time job to make ends meet (paying support, mortgage and alimony) while I was in chemo.

Be kind to yourself. You have taken a good strong first step in resolving to look forward to the New Year and celebrate it positively. Keep yourself on track!

We're all here for you, too many of us have walked your road, but we're living proof you eventually come out on the other side of the storm.

Happy holidays.

- SpongeBob

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I also have been dx.w/colon cancer,have an illeostomy and many complications.I am still not
handling this that well. I have been seeing a therapist and am currently on PAXIL CR. I don't think it works. I have too many complications and
anxieties. My petscan was clear in Oct., however
I have developed red blood cell aplasia where my bone marrow does not make red blood cells. If you
want you can E- mail me. I would like to talk to you. I was dx.in Aug.2003.And I am still emotionally upset about this cancer. This site has been very helpful to me. What you are going through is very normal and you are not alone.

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Hi crazylady-nice to hear from you again. I think we all at times revert to some form of depression--hell-check out some of my post times. 3.00am on here is a standard procedure for me and lack of sleep pretty much compounds the problem. It is a bouncy time after dx and I can honestly say that no matter how hard we try there are always good and bad times with our emotional state--you are not alone--we understand.
I think that even tho I have been in rem. since feb. 04 there is still a lot of water to pass under the bridge before the mind begins to settle down-hang in there.
kanga n Jen

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