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Did you miss me??

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Joined: Feb 2004

Hi all, Haven't gotten to catch up on posts yet. Just wanted to drop by quickly and catch you up a little. I went in to the hospital Friday and just got home a little while ago. My colostomy quit working and also my bladder. It had backed up into my kidney and both were causing severe pain. Felt like I was in labor again. I'll tell you more later. Just glad to be home and missed you all. Didn't think I'd be home for Christmas, but here I am, still fighting, just like everyone here. Love ya all.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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hey grandma,
great to hear from ya. we know u have a full plate this month.sorry to hear of your problems,
are they fixed now?????
still fighting that's the spirit.
see you are home for xmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
enjoy the season with family and friends
all the best

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Glad to know you'll be home for the holidays, Judy. You take care of yourself and be well!

Happy holidays.

- SB

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Hi Judy,
I'm so glad you are home and up to posting. Stay strong, hope you enjoy Christmas, and a happier New Year. the other Judy

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Hi Judy glad to hear that you are back home. Keep the fighting spirit. Merry Xmas and a Happier New Year. Livin

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I am so glad that you will be home for the holidays. It sounds like you have been having quite a go of it lately. Are you feeling better? I am thinking of you and wishing you all good things for the new year. Take good care.

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