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Anybody else get an annual chest X-ray

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Hi all you semi-colons. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Just wanted to let you know I had my annual colonoscopy and got good results. My blood work was also good. My oncologist recommended an annual chest X-ray. Does any one else get an annual chest X-ray. He also said I only need a blood test once a year because my cancer was caught so early and no lymph nodes were involved. I would appreciate any comments.

I hope you all are doing well. Regards, Arlene

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Hi Arlene, yes I get a chest X-ray every year, as well as bloods. I'm late getting them this year though. I had to drop my insurance because I couldn't afford it and have to wait til my medicare kicks in 3 months from now. I'm really nervous not having insurance. Even though I've been cancer free for quite a while now I still worry that it might come back. I'll probably never stop thinking about that, I guess it's one of the permanant after effects of having this nasty disease.

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Arlene,
Yes, I also have a chest x-ray once a year my Dr just wants to keep a good eye on my lungs. Believe me, I want to make sure he's keeping a good eye on them as well. As I told him one day " NOBODY VALUES YOUR LIFE LIKE YOU VALUE YOUR OWN ".

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2005.


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My mom gets go 2 - 3 of them so far and she'll proably get many more.

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Thanks for your reply. Hope you have a healthy and Happy New Year, Arlene

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Happy Birthday in advance (when you qualify for Medicare). That's the only good thing about getting older. Happy New Year and thanks for your reply, Arlene

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I used to get one every year until this year. The doc says I don't need it because the likelihood is less that anything will be found now. I will be NED for three years in February. When was your surgery? I hope you have lovely holiday.

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What does NED mean. I had surgery March 2003. I didn't get the results of the X-ray yet. This was my first x-ray since surgery. I did have a cat scan last year when I finished chemo. Happy New Year and thanks for your information. Arlene

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NED = no evidence of disease. What we all wish and pray for!

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