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my mom isn't feeling well today. she hasn't gone to the washroom in 2 days and took a laxative last night but it didn't work. we left messages for a couple of her doctors so hopefully we'll get a call back soon. she says she a has bit of gas but will feel much better if she 'goes'.

any suggestions?


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Tell your mother to relax. Occasional constipation, even for a couple of days, is uncomfortable, but not uncommon. She is smart to stay in touch with her DRs. During my treatment I swung between running to the bathroom and being constipated. I found that moderate activity (walking, jogging) would often help. Also, sometimes the laxative takes awhile to work with our modified systems. Drink plenty of fluids and relax. Everything will be fine.

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Posts: 311
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thanks runnerz - words of wisdom. im sure she'll be back on track soon. she sways from being constipated and running to the washroom. thanks for your help

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Hi Julie,

Unfortunately, there are good days and bad days with this diagnosis. I too have alternated between running and waiting, but I now understand that is just part of this new life we must live.

I too agree that its prudent to keep your mom's doctors in the loop.

I know its hard sometimes, but keep the faith, stay positive and believe that your mother and you are stronger than this or any disease. The power of the mind is facinating. My prayers and positive thoughts are with you both,

Happy Holidays


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thanks lisa. happy holidays to you too!!

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Maybe we could ruboff on each other. I have had a week of diarrhea.

With constipation I found that a cup of hot water... not tea or coffee just plain water... seems to help things move along.


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Hey Julie...my wife had similar problems. Tooks lots of softeners/laxatives. Went to the doctor once for a little help. Things were starting to get back on track, but now with the radiation and chemo, it's swung the other way.

It'll get better. Try not to worry.


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hi julie,

there is a product that I really like called CleanseMore by ReNewLife. I get it at a vitamin shop or coop. It is not a laxative which are harmful in the long run. They make for a lazy colon. The CleanseMore encourages parastalsis (sp?) of the colon by using herbs. No senna. It really works. It was developed by a colon therapist.

Worth a try.

peace, emily

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