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Good News on the Check-Up Front

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Hello Everyone,
I nearly had to tie my hands down so I wouldn't get on here and whine last night about how scared I was of today's appointment. I got great news, nothing at the tumor site and cea below 1 (well, it was .5 when I had cancer?!). The doc said that the check-ups are less intense as time passes because most recurrences happen in the early years if they are going to. There was no chest x-ray either which bothered me a little (I like the reassurance), but I am happy not to have the excess radiation too. I will have 3 years NED in February. Thank you for your unflagging support, I really need you all, your friendship is important to me. Happy Holidays to all of us.
Love and Kindest Feelings,

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Taunya...what great news. I am almost 6 years NED for rectal cancer. I know the relief of the good news and the apprehension of the appointments. You should rest easier...I was told that two years NED is a great prognostic fator and that three is really wonderful. You can exhale now and enjoy the Holiday season. I am so happy for you.

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GREAT NEWS just in time for the holidays. that is the greatest gift one can receive :)

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Hi Taunya,

Congratulations on the fantastic news!!! What a wonderful Christmas present for you, your family and all the rest of us survivors!! Before you know it you will be at the 5 year NED mark !!!

Again, heartfelt congratulations and many many more years of healthy life!!!


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Congrats. jana

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Hi Taunya,
Celebrating the good news with you...
regards, Judy

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Congratulations on the fantastic news. I understand most recurrences happen in the first 2 years. So three (in Feb) is great. Happy holidays.

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Fab news- oncologists are incresingly sayong three years free is one of the main aims (used to be ten years reduced to five a while back). So your confidence at having beaten this monster must be growing whichI am sure is a fabulous feeling.Well done and keep up the good fight,

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