1st chemo session completed

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Friday was my first chemo session. After saying all week that I was not nervous I was soon that way when I got to the hospital, I am being treated at Christie's in Manchester which is meant to be the best cancer hospital in Europe I think. Anyway, although we assumed that we would have a long wait with this being my first session I still did not prepare myself for such a long wait. From 10.00 am to 6.00pm. Due to the v long day I was sooo tired, headache that would not go and then I experienced my first nausea. Basically I did feel like **** and then started to feel sorry for myself. Anyway I watched Max and Paddy and went to bed early. Saturday was a gud day, no problems at all apart from just being tired which is no problem. Sunday I was more tired and quite weary but again no sickness, later in the evening I felt a sore throat on the way. I am thankfully having good sleep which helps. Today Monday I have v sore throat and ears and jaw ache, all of which I believe are some of the symptoms. Don't get me wrong it is v v sore but that is it. Whatever you do you must take all of your preventative sickness tablets they prescribe for you, apart from the evening of my chemo I have not had any nausea. If anyone wants to email me for anything please do not hesitate. As the saying goes "no pain, no gain". Lots of love,

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    The first seemed to be the worse so far I go in for #4 tomorrow. I thought my teeth were falling out my jaw hurt so bad.
    Start a journal and write down all your side effects and ask your doctor how to treat them. I use a Orajel rinse , you can buy it off the shelve and it really helped my sore mouth.
    Also Seabans for sea sickness helped me with feeling ill.
    I also write a spiritual journal that I share with my church and it seems to help me deal. Even being a guy losing your hair is not great, I did start wearing my hair short beofre I started treatment, It was mostly gone by the end of week 5.
    Keep your faith