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Just need to vent

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I hope this finds all doing well. I know I don't post unless I have a question or need to vent, but I do log on, read new post and pray for all every night.
Things have been going pretty well since my husbands transanal excision surgery last Feb. All test showed NED in October.
He's had a pretty rough day today. He's had a really bad upset stomach and saw a small amount of blood on the tissue after his 3rd bm. He's got me worried now also. He had the same problem with some blood after a bm in August (which was after surgery and before the October test that showed NED). My sister told us both today that just because my husband has had cancer doesn't mean he will never again have an upset stomach or a hemmeroid (sp). I know I've asked this before, but have any of you seen blood on the tissue since your surgery? I personally have had bm's with some blood twice in the last year, but my colonoscopy results were only one pin head size polyp removed. Dr said I just tear easy. I guess my husband could have that same problem after the radiation and surgery.
Anyway, he has his next ultrasound on Feb ll, 2005. He says he will wait until then to see the doctor because he just wants to enjoy the holidays.
Anyway, God Bless all and I hope you have a great Christmas.

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Kaye -

With increased use (his third time that day) it isn't uncommon for there to be some tearing or hemmerhoids. Usually in those cases the blood will be bright red. What's important is if there is "occult" blood - which is blood actually in the stool itself - you usually can't see that. If you're really concerned about it and want to put your mind to rest, ask you doc for some "occult blood sample cards". Simply "fill out" the cards and take them back to the Dr.'s office. They can do a simple reagent test there to see if there is occult blood present.

You guys ENJOY the holidays. Have fun and be well.

- SpongeBob

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