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Any one taking Iressa?

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Mom just started Iressa. Too weak to try chemo. Dr. recommended Iressa instead. Has anyone taken this drug & is it helping. 2nd day on Iressa & side effects include vomiting, diarhea & fatigue. Wondering if life w/get better for her once she gets a few more doses or if this drug w/continue symptoms the entire time she is taking it. She has terminal cancer which originated in lungs so is it better to not treat w/meds & live a quality life? Please share any input you might have & experiences w/Iressa. Thanks

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See my previous message before this one was posted.
Prayers sent.

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hi, I just got my e-mail , and they have pulled Iressa , from use, please go to , www.cancerpage.com , this week article . They say there is not any proof that it helps lung cancer and that you should tell your onco and have him look for another treatment, , hugss Mike

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Get your facts straight!!! Iressa has NOT been pulled--I am on it now and was on it during clinicals 2 yrs. ago. It definitely works and there is more proof all the time. Maybe you need to check with Astra-Zeneka pharmaceuticals and the research people there. This was a cruel thing to tell this woman when she is grasping for hope anyway! Keep those "well meaning" hugs to yourself, Mike! ~~ceezhar

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dear ceezar, I was trying to help and also posted where I got the information from, and you can also kiss off, and was not trying to scare anyone!! and no hugss to your ignorant self!! mke ,

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ceezahr, also would like to inform you , I am also a lung cancer survivor and would not stick my head in the mud when receiving treatment, an informed patient makes informed decisions and am always thankful for all information about anything i am taking!! I had four chemo's , and cisplatnum almost killed me , my onco never told me what happened to me , I spent five days in icu over an allergic reaction to it. I have gotten alot of good honest advice from other patients that have been there and not from doctors who are covering their arses. One of my best friends passed this last July , who was on Iressa , he did develope exactly what is described in that article! again , I am not trying to scare anyone but am trying to pass information on, again go to , www.cancerpage.com , Dec 17, is the Headline. you read it. I am only trying to help and not scare or be untruthful. I am not as perfect as you are ceezahr,and also am very glad you are responding to it, , mike

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Iressa has helped my cousin. It shrunk the tumor in her lung without any chemo or radiation treatment. It does not work for everyone so it's best to consult with the doctor. She had the surgery a couple of weeks ago and just came out of intensive care unit. She's recovering, but finding out that she is now unable to talk and has irregular heartbeat. These were not issues prior to the surgery. Her doctor is saying to give it 3 months for recovery, but we are concerned about her loss of voice and heart condition becoming permanent if nothing is done about it. If anyone had some or similar experience, I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

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