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In October I had severe pressure on the left rectum. I had a petscan which should nothing.CEA
are normal.The pain on the right side persisted
very bad. It causes pressure on the rectum and by the bladder. I had an MRI last week which showed a
sacral insufficiency fracture although underlying metastasis cannot be excluded. I too had mucinous adenocarcinoma which I read on the pathology report. Not one of these Drs.told me what kind of cancer it was.My oncologist called to tell me the results of the MRI and will get back to me. He thinks it was from all the radiation to the pelvic area. The supposedly fracture is in the sacral ala which is not where the constant pain is. This pain is new and I believe these scans are not picking this stuff up. I was feeling fine until all this started.I also read Joenlisa500 story about her mom and before I read it I was in doubt that these scans can pick up mucinous carcinoma. This MRI was inconclusive to me as I have studied this report. It also showed no obvios colonic masses however it does not show small lesions.I feel that I am going crazy and depressed. I am fed up with all of this. Between the bone marrow not producing red blood cells and everything else. Has
anybody out there had all these effects from radiation to the pelvic area? I had 5 1/2 weeks of
radiation from Jan.2004-March 2004.The MRI also showed marked edema and enhancement which is significant that something else is going on. I am beside myself. Very scared and very depressed. Also I have read other messages today on the board of one person who had 5 MRI's and it did not show anything. Which leads me to believe the tests are inaccurate. They only pick up something when it could be seen. I did well after the radiation why all of a sudden now. THe cancer started on the right side and now I feel it is back and they cannot prove it. P.S.the right side
cecum and ascending colon has been removed. I have an illeostomy there.

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Good to read that you are taking control and driving your care. Something that I have seen in the past (had my own share of breaks and fractures in my day) is occassionally the pain from a fracture can be "displaced", in other words you feel the pain somewhere else nearby.

If you feel there is something going on and your doc is telling you there isn't I would continue to push for more tests to delve deeper and in other regions. We know our bodies best. Of course, we are also once bitten so we're twice shy. I know so many of us are in constant fear of the dragon coming back.

Early detection is the key as you well know. Keep checking until you're happy that there isn't something going on.

Be well. Have a happy, healthy and prosperous Yuletide and New Year.

- SpongeBob

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If you are not satisfied with the results given by your doc, perhaps a second opinion would help?

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