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What treatments are you having/have had for pancreatic cancer?

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My Mom has pancreatic cancer, 2.6 cm tumor, clean margins, one node involvement. We're meeting with the oncologist soon and I'm just wondering what treatments are others on? Any comments on 5FU or Gemzar, radiation or chemoradiation would be greatly appreciated. Also, is anyone taking megadoses of antioxidants during treatment? Taking supplements in general seems to be controvercial, with studies supporting both sides. I would just like to know what many are doing? Thanks so much!

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I'm on Gemzar...1st time every taking this. I too have a tumor at the tail of the pancrease and it has also spread to my liver. I have been juicing specific veggies such as celery, beets, carrots, as well as Essiac Tea. I don't have my results yet, but have a follow up visit on 11/30/04. I'll keep you posted to let you know if what I'm doing is working

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I'm also juicing and have gone to a vegetarian diet. I am allowed a little free range chicken and salmon.

After my first CT scan, my tumors had shrun by 30%. This is a huge amount I'm told.

My cancer is on the tail of my pancreas and has mastatised to my liver... so the doctors didn't have much positive to say, but now we are all smiling.

I'm doing lots of prayer, meditation, diet changes and awful chemo, but I haven't missed any work and I am able to do 90% of what I did before the cancer. Please keep in touch. God is sending me many blessings and I want to send up prayers for everyone here.

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My husband is 49 years old and was diagonised with pancreatic cancer at Christmas. It was in the head of the pancreas and he has had the whipple surgery. While recovering from the whipple surgery(5 weeks) it had spread to the Liver. The oncologist cancelled 5FU and radiation and went right to GEMZAR. He is in aclininal trial with 100 minutes of gemzar every other monday and 100 minutes of Oxiplatin(not spelled right) every other tuesday. ( stage 4 now)I was wondering if anyone else is at this point. yes we are devasted but are praying and have hope. This can be beat!! I am wondering if anyone has been thru the complete 6 months and if they were finally feeling better or did it just make them worse and more fatigued? I have a suprise vavcation planned for him after the 6 months and was hoping he would be strong enough to go? Any replies would be helpful. God Bless.

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I read your question re how gemzar is working. I have the same question because my mother who has unresectable pancreatic cancer was started on gemcitabine and after the first session, the doctor discontinued it because she developed edema. Edema was treated promptly and successfully with IV antibiotics but her doctor still does not want to continue it. I see your message was placed in March, 2005. What has been your husband's experience with Gemzar? I would appreciate if you answer.

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My daughter was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She had the whipple surgery, she had the tumor removed, along with half of her pancreas, half of her stomach, part of her intestine. She had radiation therapy, and two different regiments of chemo, the cancer has returned in her liver, she has gone through yet another regiment of chemo and the tumors in her liver have quadrupled in size.She has gone to a vegetarian diet, and I sent her a juicer and she is juicing, and we have prayers chains going all over the country, so the only difference I can see would be the type of chemotherapy you are on... could you tell me what type you are on? (she is 34 years old, with two daughters)

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Hello. My dear uncle was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I have been doing a lot of research and have persuaded him to begin taking essiac. We are going to be making the tea from Rene Caisse's recipe. I have complete faith in this and believe it cure's. You can find the recipe online by searching "Essiac".

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