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My doctor visit last evening went well and I have once again been given some good news - the 'nodule' in the lung is simply scar tissue. the 2.5cm 'thing' in the pelvic area is filled with fluid but cannot be aspirated because it is sitting tucked near a loop of bowel. However, the pet scan shows no uptake of solution (that's good!) and my CA125 is not consistently going up (although it has been fluctuating between 19 and 25). The doctor cannot feel it during the exam, and my pain is a 'pinch' at the present time. So, I am to keep an eye on it, and let him know of any changes. I will have a repeat CT in 3 months to check the progress (if any).

My fluctuating blood levels are probably a result of the stress and lack of taking care of myself in these last 6 months. My mother, as some of you may know, passed away October 23 from colon cancer. My sister and I were her caregivers, and this was and still is hard on me. We were very close. At any rate, I must now get back to those things that the Lord has given me knowledge of. I also need to take some time to be still, which will be difficult as I am the Executrix of my mom's will and have much to take take of (her home, finances, etc.). And, of course, I miss her terribly, especially during this holiday season.

My main reason for posting is to thank all of you for your responses, prayers, and just being there for me. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with all of you that you may have a wonderful Christmas season, and especially and joyous and HEALTHY new year. As I've said before, we will always have this lurking over our heads, and tapping us on the shoulder, but by His Grace will get through each moment, each day in thanksgiving for His mercy and love.
God Bless!

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Hallelujah, Praise God! I am so thrilled to hear your news. I pray God gives you a blessed holiday and just wraps you in his arms and gives you peace that passes all understanding. You are a blessing to all of us, you have always been an inspiration and I appreciate that.Have a blessed Christmas and its going to be a great 2005.
God Bless and Love Jan

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So good to hear your good news! I also have a nodule near the lung and a pain in the lower pelvis. My doctor just says just CT...no Pet Scans. I am glad you have a doc that is doing his best for you.



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