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Need to learn more to help others

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Hi, My name is kim from the Philippines. We just found out that my best friend's (Sol) mother has lung cancer. Her family is like my second family and i feel so bad hearing the news. The doctors said she had stage 4 lung cancer but there is still a good chance of survival. If there is anyone who could give me any information or atleast survival stories so i can share it to Sol's family to atleast boost their fighting spirit pls help me.

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Hi Kim, prayers to your (Sol) mother. I have a friend who had Stage 4 lung cancer. And they told her 4 to 6 months to live. She went to 3 different doctors, the 4th doctor said he believed in miracles. It has been 2 years and she is still kicking. Amazing lady. I had lung cancer (left upper lope was removed 9/2004) but the cancer has spread to my brain. I have had 5 lesions there (have had 3 stereotactic-radio surgeries) and I have done whole brain radiation and I am still kicking *** with this disease. I believe attitude is very important. My attitude is I want to ride my Harley next year with my hubby and see my daughter graduate from college (about 7 years to go). Let me know how you and your (Sol) mother are doing.

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Hi Kim, As I replied to another post, I'm a 3 year lung cancer survivor, originally stage 3a. I was diagnosed as incurable and inoperative. With chemo and radiation, followed by surgery, I am still here, living life to the fullest! This illness is beatable. It takes determination, patience and a positive attitude. Today's healthcare providers are good at what they do. The patient should get involved and ask questions. Do a lot of research. I feel that the better the patient understands the disease and the treatments, the better he/she deals with it. I agree with Michaelcie, - Look around this website. There are many stories of success here. Tell your friend's mom also, that we're all in her corner, rooting for her.

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