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You said to post no matter what the news is

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Hi everyone, I just got word about an hour ago that my uncle died. It's my mom's brother. We live in West Virginia and he's in Arkansas, so I don't know who all is going to make the trip. I know my mom and dad are not able to physically. All of his family is here so I can't understand him being buried there, even though him and his wife have lived there a long time. This was a shock, even though he had been sick for a while. He had been on oxygen and got sick today and went to the hospital and my mom said that both his lungs collapsed and they lost him. I know it will be rough on my mom, being Christmas and all. Please say a prayer for my uncles wife and kids and all of our family. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. By the way, his name was Basil. His wife's name is Treva, if you want to say a special prayer. Thanks guys. Love ya. ((((everyone)))))))
Love and prayers, judy(grandma047)

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Judy, sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle. To loose someone that you love is never, ever easy, but it does seem even harder around the holidays. Bert and I can both relate to that! Please know that are thoughts are with you and your family.

Monika & Bert

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Judy -

Keeping yu and your family in mythoughts and prayers.

- SB

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With so much going on in your own life and so much of your energy being spent on coping with your own situation I can hardly imagine where you find the strength to cope with yet another loss. The concern you express for others and how they will cope is admiral but take some time to yourself to ensure you are coping okay too. What a year for you- your ability to cope and your strength is an example for all of us struggling to cope with or difficulties this Christmas. I hope you find some time to enjoy the festivities and our thoughts will be with you,

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Judy...Very sorry to hear that. I double what Steved says....you're a very concerned, caring person, but remember to take care of yourself also.


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