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Semi- Colon Reunion

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Lisa Rose
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Joined: Mar 2003

To All Semi- Colons & Caregivers,

Stacy, Bob, and I are talking about a reunion in the " NEW YEAR ". SpongeBob has offered to be our personal tour guide, just imagine all the fun...

" Quoted By SpongeBob "
I would be very happy to host a group looking for warmer weather, beaches, casinos, good seafood, excellent shows, and a tour of the ship down in Biloxi, MS come February!

Count us in Bob,
Lisa & Andy
Remember were in Cayo Coco, Cuba March 4-11 thawing out! ! !

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Count me in, depending on, of course, the chemotherapy side effects at the time. Right now, I am doing great - but I take one day at a time. Wouldn't want to miss a get together - I'm always ready for a party.


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Well I never miss a party (especially when it;s at my house!)

- SB who is having his own Cuban winter vacation right now (see below).


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Joined: Dec 2003

after 15 years in Alaska, I'm afraid to thaw.(Gaffaw) Nanuk

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Hi all, I'm ready for a party too. Like Kerry, it will depend on chemo side effects. I can't wait to meet everyone.
Love, Judy(grandma047)

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Joined: Aug 2003

I will be recovering from surgery, but it sounds like fun. Take lots of pictures.
If you ever want to have a reunion in the Northeast, let me know.

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Joined: Mar 2003

Hopefully we'll have a good turn out looking to thaw from the winter to warmer pastures.

Maybe Bob could let us know what dates work for him (on the calendar, that is...not from Hooters!)


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Joined: Apr 2003

Greetings from Key West!

It's warmer here (NOT!It's about 60-something and the wind is whipping at 20+). Anyway, on the beach for a couple days.

I'll be home the entire month of February. Gone again after that. You name the date(s) in February and I'll personally pick each of you up at the airport. I have a guest bedroom with a fold out queen size bed - and I'll give up my own bed (it's a heart shaped waterbed with "magic fingers" and a faux fur comforter - grrrrowl!) for anyone who needs a place to crash. (Oh, yeah - two bathrooms, too)

Just lemme know...

- SB (as in Swingin' Bachelor)

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Joined: Mar 2003

After that visual, I just can't get the Austin Powers theme song out of my head...

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Joined: Apr 2003

Shag-a-licious, Bay-bee!

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