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Hi. I'm 18 mos post-surgery (and chemo) for rectal cancer. At my oncologist's suggestion, I am taking Celebrex every day, as a possible measure to decrease the chances of recurrence. Wondering if others are doing so and, if so, if you have had any side effects. I have been having stomach pain recently, and wondering if it could be connected with the Celebrex (which is supposed to not irritate your stomach, I know).
Thanks. Tara

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Hi, Tara -

I thought they were going to pull Celebrex off the market because it was in the same family as Vioxx. I used to take it but not every day. I used it for arthritis and because it ostensibly inhibits CC.

I have quit using it since I came down to the south and my arthritis has eased up. I just hate taking a lot of pills. Can't say as I ever had stomach irritation from it.

- SpongeBob

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Hi, I had seen commercials on tv that advertised that celebrex helps prevent colon polyps, so I asked my cancer surgeon and he said that there is no proof that it does, so he said not to take them. So, I don't know. Anyone else have any idea?? I'd do anything to keep this from coming back a third time. Love ya all.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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I've been taking it for some time now, also on the advise of my Onc. It supposedly is a preventative, as mention by the other posters, and the radiologist
said it enhances the effects of chemo & radiation, but I have not seen any scientific proof..
I haven't had any obvious side effects, & have been taking it for about 9 months. Bud

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Thanks, guys, for these replies. As I recall, since there is now some evidence that 'baby aspirin' may help prevent colon cancer, there is a hypothesis (but, as far as I know, no evidence -- I could be wrong on that) that aspirin and its 'cousins' might help prevent recurrences. My oncologist was pretty up-to-date on scientific developments, although I haven't discussed this with him for a while (I've been on Celebrex for about a year). Like many others, I hate to take unnecessary pills, but also am willing/eager to reduce my chances of recurrence. Thanks for your input and perspectives.

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