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Incentive to Fight

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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share some happy news with all of you. My Dad received the greatest incentive to fight this beast on Friday, December 3rd at 4:13 am when my daughter gave birth to a baby girl. 7lbs 15 oz, 20 inches long. Her name is Kassidy Ava. I was there for the delivery and it was truly amazing. There were some very scary moments when the baby's heart rate was very high and then very low and the Doctor was going to do an emergency c-section but held out for a few more pushes. He did call in the neonatal intensive care doctors to be on standby which scared the hell out of me. It was the most beautiful thing I have experienced. I watched my first grandchild come into the world.

My Dad wanted to come to the hospital while she was in labor but we were afraid of having him in a place full of ill people. He did come to see her the next day for a few minutes. My mom said that when they left my father said that he is going to start fighting even harder because he wants to be around to watch his first great grandchild grow up.

My daughter is only 19 years old and still in college. We were concerned when she first told us about the pregnancy but God works in mysterious ways and I believe everything happens for a reason. Maybe my daughter was meant to provide this bit of incentive to my Dad. I like to think so.

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays to All,

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Your post made me cry. That is a wonderful incentive. Congratulations grandma. As you can see by my name on here, I'm a proud grandma. When I had my recurrence, my first thought was, I'm tired of fighting, I'll just let it run it's course, no more treatments, and I'll just live until I die. Then I started thinking that I was being selfish feeling that way. I had to live for my husband, children and my 3 beautiful grandchildren. I want to see them grow up. Wonderful post and great news. Merry Christmas to you all. What a great christmas present. May God bless you all.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)a grandma too LOL

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Wow! Babies are such a gift no matter how they come! :-)

Cheers to the new Granny.

peace, emily who loves those babies!

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Fabulous news- my wife gave birth to our first son the day after I finished preop chemo and he is now seven months old. He is an inspiration to me and a source of strength to keep fighting as I am desparate to be around to see him grow up. Anything that gives people strength to fight this monster is brilliant.

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WOW! That is really awesome news. A baby is always such a miracle. No doubt it will keep your father moving towards the end of the tunnel! Enjoy the baby and happy holidays to you and your growing family!

Congratulations, grandma!


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A truly blessed event, in more ways than one. Congratulations and may your first grandchild be an endless sorce of delight and inspiration, as I'm sure she will be.


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Deneen, congrats on your new granddaughter! That is wonderful news. Congrats to the great granddad too!!

Linda (Baltimore)

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Congratualtions Deneen! I am happy for your whole family. What a wonderful gift your daughter has shared with you all. God bless all of you.
Love and Hugs,

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