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strange pains following hysterectomy need advice from others on what to expect

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I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in September 2004 and had a hysterectomy a month later. Although it has been two months since surgery, I have sharp, stabbing pains around my abdomen and incision. When I have mentioned this to my doctor, he tells me to expect pain for about a year. I would like to hear from others who have been through a hysterectomy and learn about their recovery period. Thanks

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I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and I had a radical hysterectomy in September 2004 and I also get the pain around the incision site which my doctor told me that I could also have for up to a year. I am almost 4 months from my surgery and I still have pains. I also have a suture knot that has compressed down on my nerve that runs to my right leg. My friend also told me that sometimes one of her friends also complains of pain after her hysterectomy and it has already been over a year.

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