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29yr.old with pan.cancer

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My son-in-law is 29yrs.old. He was diagnosed in Sept. He was also diagnosed with colon cancer,spread to the nodes. It is inoperable and he just started chemo. Is there anyone near this age with any info. or just support?

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I'm sorry to hear of your son-in-law's dianosis. I'm 35 yr old male that was dianosed in march, I since have had the whipple procedure, and have began chemo using Gamzar. The tumor that I had removed was 4.6 cm, and took 11 hrs of surgery to remove. I had it done in Upstate NY, at Albany Medical Center, by DR Nigam( he specializes in removing tumors that other Drs won't, because of size, or complexity). He worked on me for 11 hours because of my age, and health, and told my wife that any other Dr would have stopped, and closed me up. So don't give up, and don't let your son-in-law give up either(this cancer kills people 60-80 yrs old, and he's not even 30, keep fighting, even find another doctor, or a bunch of doctors if you have to, do what ever it takes).

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I was interested to read about your experiences in Albany. I'm a Sloan-Kettering patient and had several very large Neuroendocrine tumors removed at MSK last year including one that was embolized successfully. My Liver has grown back and the disease there is successfully controlled. I have this remaining tumor in the tail of my pancreas which has spread outside and is pushing on various blood vessels. Though I feel in excellent health, this is eventually going to cause me some serious problems. My doctors at MSK feel that the tumor in the pancreas is inoperable. I guess I'm interested in getting some second opinions. I would be interested to know what you thought of your experience with Dr. Nigam? Though I'm currently being treated in NYC, I live only a few miles from Albany Med. ANy thoughts you could provide would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi there!
I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the age of 32 and had a whipple procedure. Because of our age it is very uncomon to be diagnosed with typical cancer. My tumor turned out to be a neuroendocrine tumor or an islet cell tumor. Theese tumors are in the carcinoid family and show up quite often in the colon. Has he also had this diagnosis? If so, there are a number of excelent sites that you could visit that I would be happy to recomend.
I would however like to recomend you to pancan a pancreatic cancer info site for all types of cancer and planet cancer a site dedicated to people our age that have had a cancer diagnosis.

I hope this helps,


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