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what happens now?

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my mother has dukes D,stage iv colon cancer. irresectible and now has colostomy. she went through 7 months of 5fu, leuc, cpt-11, one day a week, 2 weeks on 1 off. they stopped when the tumor was no longer shrinking and her cea level was 1. she has 2 nodes on her lungs, 2 spots on her kidney's, and it has also spread to her peritoneal. she has had stents in her ureters to help her kidney's drain. she has done great since july, but in last month feeling bad and dr. visit monday showed her cea level has risen to 8.5 so now they want to see her in a month instead of two. what will they do now? will they give her more chemo? origionally dr. said it was pallitive treatment. she is 65 yrs old? anyone know what happens next?

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cmarie -

First thing to do is put that word "pallitive" out of your vocabulary. I would shop for a second opinion. If the doc isn't motivated to try to cure your mom, then maybe he's not the consultant for you. Have you looked into clinical trials? Have you considered alternative treatments? Anyone who just throws his or her hands up and isn't trying doesn't deserve your time.

Keeping you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers.

- SpongeBob

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thanks for your support spongebob, i havent had a chance to come visit. weve been busy. before christmas she began passing blood. it was coming from the tumor. they did ct scan and the tumor is active and bigger now than before chemo. we went for radiation after christmas and they decided to do small amount of radiation to try and stop the bleeding. she's not doing very well. really battling the pain. they want to try more chemo after the radiation.

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see annieappleseedproject.org bud

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