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Radiation Induced Soft Tissue Sarcoma Help

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Has anyone successfully treated this monster? If so, where did you go? I had Hodgkins 24 years ago and the Sarcoma grew in my chest wall. I had a 10 hr surgery 1 yr ago and have been recovering however the Sarcoma is now in my lung and possibly pancreas and ischium.

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Hello. My name is Michelle (mj1006). I also have high grade sarcoma radiation induced 27 yrs ago when I had Hodkins lymphoma @ the age of 13. For the past year I underwent a radical neck surgery w/ a hugh tumor (high grade sarcoma in June of 2004, I underwent 4 cycle of chemo which ended in December of 2004, Then in April of 2005, it recurred in the neck again, So I underwent another surgery on my neck but this time they performed intra-radiation treatment when I was opened. Now it's July of 2005, PET SCAN revealed another recurrance in the neck plus a 2 spots in the lung which appears to be sarcoma. In a few weeks I'm going back to Indianapolis to see a Sarcoma physician again to see what treatment is next for me. Sometimes I get so tired of trying to fight this stuff ever time I start to feel better and get control of my life again and recurrances hits me again, when does it ever stop.

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Hi Michele:

My name is Catherine. My cancer is called angiosarcoma. It went from my breast to my scalp and lung. I know how you feel about reoccurence. Just wanted to let you know I know how you feel.

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Hi Catherine1,
Thanks for your e-mail,So how many treatments & surgery you have underwent? All I know this is an ugly diease. Also I noted that you went to Sloan Kettering Hosp. I heard thats the best place to go when you have sarcoma. I noted that you stated about the lungs too? What type of chemo did you undergo for this sarcoma? I try the Ifosmaide but it didn't help. So I went to my surgeron today, I think here in Louisville, Ky They just don't know what to do for me? That's why I'm back to Indianapolis because they have a sarcoma clinic up there which is about 2 hr. drive for me. Previously, I entered myself in this sarcoma clinic about 1 yr. ago, but I came back home to do my treatments here. I believe in God and I know that he has helped me so much, but when does theses diease ever stops. I'm also young 41 yrs. old and I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet.
Take care,

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My brother has a soft tissue sarcoma in his chest wall. He has had 4 weeks of treatment and will have the 5th week this coming week. What is the rate of reoccurence in this time of cancer? The tumor is in the chest wall on the outside of the lung. What is radiation induced soft tissue sarcoma? Is it from previous radiation treatments? He has never had cancer before

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