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Need Some Help and Advice Please!

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I am 61 years old and was diagnosed with stage III Ovarian Cancer this June. Before surgery, my CA-125 levels were over 5000. After my operation, my levels dropped to 1300. I began a chemo of carbo/taxol. After my first chemo, my CA-125 levels dropped to 360. They continued to decline through the fifth chemo therapy at which they were down to 33. After the sixth chemo, my CA-125 levels jumped to 49. I was told that such slight fluctuations could occur and it was nothing to be conerned about. Still, however, I went in for a seventh chemo. After the seventh, my levels droped to 45. I noticed that my upper stomach began to swell and the doctors sent me for a CT scan. They said they saw no sign of cancer. Just last week, after one month following the CT scan, my CA-135 levels were 306. I went for another CT scan and the doctors detected some pelvic thickening in one spot indicative of cancer. They said it was very small and unoperable. The doctors decided to put me on doxil. They told me that in 95 percent of the people on doxil, the CA-125 levels will rise after the first chemo and that it would take two chemos for them to evaluate whether or not this would be successful for me. I'm worried. Has anyone gone through an experience similar to mine or at least been put on doxil? Also, has anyone tried radiation or any other therapy for Ovarian cancer which has worked.

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Hello, Welcome to the board, I am stage 3c survivor but have not had the same experiences as you. I just wanted to welcome you to the board and encourage you to keep us posted on how you are doing. I have just finished chemo for a recurrence and know the initial flood of emotions when the ca125 numbers won't stay where we want them. Mine have already started to climb back up adn the Doctor just says don't worry. :-) Easy for them to say right?

Take Care and know you are now in many more prayers.


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