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Advocacy organizations for Kidney Cancer

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I recently joined a new organization called Action to Cure Kidney Cancer. They were founded in the begining of 2003 and have made strides legislatively. The target of this organization is research which will lead to treatments. As you may know, the National Cancer Institures annual budget is 1 billion dollars, but only 20 million dollars go to kidney cancer research. 36,000 cases a year are diagnosed and 12,500 people die each year. We need to work together to see a bigger picture of the pie.


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I would be interested in this organization as my husband passed away much too young (age 51) from kidney cancer last year. Anyone who can speed the process of discovering a cure for this horrible disease deserves support. We dealt with the NCI (Ron had his nephrectomy there) in Jan. 2003 and were devasted when he was turned down 12 weeks later for their protocol treatment, which at that time, was IL-2. In all the cases I have come in contact with over the past two years, IL-2 has not worked. There has to be a better, more effective treatment found. I did find the National Kidney Cancer Association very helpful during my husband's illness. They supplied us with a wealth of information and specialist referrals. Unfortunately, it was all in vain.

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I am still in shock from the loss of my mother to renal cell carcinoma. She only lived two weeks after being diagnosed with this horrible disease. The physicians were not able to offer us any hope because her cancer had spread to other organs. I would be interested in hearing more about this organization.

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The Kidney Cancer Association has been very helpful to us. 800-850-9132.

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