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new diagnosis

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Hello all. I was just diagnosed ( oct15,2004) I was told that my psa was over 4000. Tests confirmed that the cancer has spread to the bones, and I was very anemic. Does the PSA indicate the severity of the disease? or if it is over 10 or so is it all just as bad? My doc. doesn't seem too concerned and gave me a hormone shot and Procrit for the anemia. Should I worry?

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the psa does indeed indicate the severity. you need to see a urologist if you haven't already.

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I would think your doctor surely indicated the seriousness of the situation. If you have not already contacted a urologist, I suggest you do so quickly. It would not surprise me if you are referred to an oncologist. Please keep us posted on your progress.


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run don't walk. you should go straight to an oncologist urologist if possible. My husband has prostate ca and it has spread to the bones and they keep a close eye on him and he is taking hormones and chemo. has bouts of anemia in which he has had to have blood infusions to raise it so please don't take this dr. opinion and get another one.

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You ask if you should worry? I feel you should be concerned but don't worry. Cancer feeds off worry and negativity. Do your homework, find an oncologist that you trust and let him worry for you. Get a plan and follow it. Realize that life is a one day at a time proposition and turn the rest over to your higher power.

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Hi Tercher: Worrying never solved problems but it is hard not to worry in the event of bad news. We have to keep educating ourselves about this disease and keep supporting one another. There are excellent web sites posted on this site that will give you good information on what else you can do. I am paying attention to my diet. Low fat, salads, nuts, organic brown rice, vegetables, lemon oil, omega3 oils (fish oil) or flaxseed oil is just as good. Welcome to the club and I wish you the best.

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