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second time around

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this is my second time around with throat cancer. I did the surgery and radiation the first time.Now there is only very radical treatments left and i dont want to do it. I really dont want to live with out my togune or vocal cords.

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Hi. I just read your note and can understand that you must be feeling down. Is the removal of your tongue and vocal cords your only option? Remember that God has a plan for you. If it takes a radical procedure to save your life, you should proceed with strength and courage. It's so tough, but believe that there is a reason for all of this. I am a 5 year survivor of salivary gland cancer. It's been a rough road through treatments, recurrences, and side affects - but every trial has made me stronger. Hang in there!

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Hi tools, sorry your cancer has returned. I do not know much about tongue cancer but perhaps you would like to check MonsterM's web page in the survivors' section.
All the best,

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Tools, do you have private insurance or are you pretty much limited to the VA? If you can get access to one of the major cancer hospitals, you might find a better prognosis (I just mentioned this to another friend here on CSN) The major cancer hospitals have the research funding and resources to work miracles that federally run facilities won't even attempt due to lack of funds. My husband also uses the VA, but only for regular medical care. Using the VA for his cancer treatment was out of the question and we've been commuting to James Cancer Hospital in Columbus, OH with good results. I wish you the very best.

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