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cold after larynx cancer

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Hi, my names Judy. My last radiation treatment for both breast and larynx cancer was 2 years ago Dec 13. I have recently had a crummy cold, and I can hardly talk. I had an area of concern 2 months ago where the area I was treated was "puffy" or had some fluid according to the Cat Scan, no worrysome signs. I am now back to once a month "up the nose with a rubber hose" and my last scope pre-cold was fine. My throat feels heavy and my throat does not actually hurt, but my voice sounds really bad. It is a effort to talk, and my job requires me to talk allll day long! Has anyone had this same experience with their first real flu after treatment. I am due to see the Dr in 2 weeks. Should I go sooner? I called them and they did not seem really concerned, but that means nothing to me. thanks for any replys! judy

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