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AML type M3

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i was diagnosed with AML M3 in october of 2003. i am in remission now and am on a maintanance treatment of atra for 2 weeks out of every 3 months for 2 years. can any other survivors with this subtype of AML discuss your treatments and how they are going. thanks, you can e-mail me at rpowell56@comcast.net

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My sister has just been identified with AML-M3. Its been 3 weeks and she is still being treated in the hospiital. Since you have been through this can you perhaps guide me where I can find more information about what this really means and what treatment options are there. Currently she is being treated with Vesanoid capsules and Daunorubicin injections since last 1 week. by the way, what is ATRA? Many thanks. You can reach me at akalsi@inductis.com. (I apologize I couldnt be of any help in your query)

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i was on all this stuffthat youmentioned and imstilldoing well. im still on versonoid for 15 daysevery3 mouths, ive been on them sinse feb2004. still doing good. pills are very expensive though. also on methrotrexate. that help with mantenance and any authritis. im still in that remmision. hope she does well debbie

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Was first diagnosed may 2003 relapsed jan 6 2005 used the vesanoid left me in remission for 1 and a half now im on a chemo called ascenic trioxide has anyone else out there used this?

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I was diagnosed with AML M3 in Dec., 1997, at the age of 47. I was treated with ATRA and chemo at Dana-Farber/Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston. Induction chemo was followed by 2 rounds of consolidation over a period of 3 months. I went into remission in Jan., 1998, and have stayed there. I don't recall how long I took ATRA after chemo was completed - it was probably at least a year (some of my memories from that time have been lost to the ozone) - but I do remember the headaches it gave me...but well worth it! Treatment with arsenic tri-oxide was just beginning when I went into remission, but my doctor was very encouraged by the results he'd heard about.
My email is K9Mama2@aol.com if you'd like more information, or at least as much as I can remember!

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Hi, I was diagnosed with AML M3 in late Aug. 04. I had three rounds of chemo. I am in remission and am taking Atra, 1 wk. on, 1 wk. off for one year. It occasionally gives me headaches and I have a loud pulsing in my ear. But other than that everything is going well. What did you doctor say for the chances of a relapse? I have been hearing some many different numbers and now that I am trying to move on I can't help but think of what are the chances it will come back?

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