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worried about COPD

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I have Emphysema and now cancer in my left lung. they say I need both radiation and cemo starting this week. I m already on 02 24/7 and meds to help with my breathing every 4 hrs. I know this treatment is going to be hard but what scares me is Im afaird they will forget about my emphysema. I know doctors tend to think only about what they are treating you for. Ive gone in for tests and had them forget about my breathing problem until I started turning alittle blue around the lips.My lungs are bad enough to put me on the transplant list for a new right lung. Now I'm off the list and have cancer in what they concidered the good lung. It was found right away because of the check-ups for tx list and its small. the doc said 45% cure just would like to hear from people who have had the treatments. Just how bad will this get?

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If you don't know about it yet, I suggest you look into a pulmonary rehabilitation group at your local hospital. I think you will find a great support group. I go twice a week after work and have identified with several people that have diagnosis similar to yours. These groups are typically associated with the Better Breathers Clubs of the American Lung Association. Check out www.lungusa.org for links to local clubs.

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Hi. I'm a 3 year lung cancer survivor. I can understand your fears about COPD and treatment for cancer. I have moderate emphysema, but not on 02. I had no problem with chemo and radiation with regard to the emphysema. When preparing for surgery, I expressed concern (terror) over the thought of losing more breathing capacity. I was very concerned, also, about being on a ventilator immediately after surgery. The surgeon said that he would "take care of it". He did. He kept me "under" for two days following surgery, until I no longer needed the ventilator. I never realized what he did until weeks later, when my wife informed me. I had no breathing problems after surgery, that I didn't already have. I did have anxiety, now and then, about my breathing, but it was mostly in my head, and a small dose of Atavan took care of that problem. I did pulmonary therapy for a couple of months, and I am fine. Keep a positive attitude and let your health care providers know about your breathing concerns. My prayers are with you.

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Question, are they saying that the cancer has spread outside of the Lung?

I had lung cancer in '02 lobectomy top right lobe, and since no lymph nodes were involved, was blessed to be surgery only. I have COPD, not severe but I do know their was concern if I were to have to be put under anesthetic, in the future.

Make notes and ask questions, just was curious if your cancer was inoperable? I am assuming it is therefore the chemo/rads program.

Hang in there and challenge your medical team, you are paying their salary and deserve the best care possible.

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they cannot do surgery because my lungs are to bad just doing the needle biopsy made my lung collapse. the pet scan showed it only in a very small spot in one lung no place else.Im just worried the treatments will make my breathing worse.The treatments start 12/20 I'll just have to see thanks for sharing

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