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I am not a frequent poster, but check in almost daily, partly because you people are the only other people that know what this disease is really like. Yes....it is a ROYAL pain. I am an almost 6 year survivor of rectal cancer. I managed to avoid a colostomy, but dealt with all of the issues that so many of you are dealing with. I remember having to get out a hot shower 6 times to go to the bathroom during my chemotherapy. I remember burns so bad from radiation that I almost passed out in the bathroom. The impact that this disease has on our self-esteem is immense. There were times I just wanted to give up and run away, but I finished the treatment like I had finished marathons in the past...one step at a time. I still have to be careful about what I eat. I still need to konw where the bathroom is "just in case." As a prosecuting attorney, I know that I can't eat too much if I have to stay in the courtroom all day. However, it is 6 years later and I am alive, running 30 miles a week, lifting weights..doing everything else for my body that I can do..and raising my three children at the same time. To those of you in the midst of treatment...perservere. This too will pass. Rest, sleep and eat enough to stay healthy and try to look forward to one thing each day (mine, at my worst, was doing the crossword puzzle in the paper). And one more thing...Cream of Wheat...when all else fails it is gentle and fortifying. I lived on it while recovering from surgery with a balky system. Keep up the fight survivors...I believe that we have earned a special place in heaven for this fight...and more time on earth too! Courage.

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Thank you for your posting. Has been a tough month for many here and we could all do with a bit of a pick me up. Fabulous to hear of your success- it is stories like that , that keep me turning up for my chemo even when I know it makes me feel like crap.
Thanks again,

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i love seeing postings from RunnerZ. You give us hope. thanks for checking on us. it's very much appriecated.

julie :)

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Dear RunnerZ,

Thank you so much for the encouragement and survivor story. Can never hear enough of them! Reminding us of the light at the end of the tunnel... Well, it keeps us all going!

Thanks again for the pick me up! Made my day:)


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RunnerZ -

Always great to hear from you - you ROCK. Thanks for the inspiration and keep on keepin' on!

Have a great holiday! (BTW, the bathroom is the first left and just down the hall)

- SB

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Thank You for your encouraging words. I know I must never give in or up to this disease. I must fight no matter what. Thanks again you made my day. Montiel a.k.a. Livin

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Thanks Runner--now I am going to go bang my head against a brick wall for being pissed off and bitchy about our current problems.
Just before I read your post I put in a new topic-"ups n downs".
Now I am pissed off with myself for doing it--I really should control my sefishness and be thanfull I am 10 months in rem.
It has all been too much and I guess I mouthed off without thinking first. Worrying about things just got to me. Runner--you may have made me realise what a selfish "pain in the arse" I have been today.---thanks mate and god bless you.
kanga n Jen

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Runner, as a caregiver, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your tribute to cancer fighters and survivors. Yours words and story provides more than just hope but the encouragement and strength to keep right on fighting until you can't fight no more. And for most humans, we have a lot more fight in us than we give ourselves credit for.

Keep running and keep fighting Runner and don't foget to pay some well deserved tribute to yourself....a six year fighter and survivor of this awful disease. I take my hat off to you.


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