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Can I join the 2AM club?

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Hi to all,
It is 2:06 AM and I just had my 3rd one hour tub bath in less than 15 hours. My butt feels like it is on fire. I am scheduled for a permament colostomy on Jan. 14. What am I going to do with all this time that I will have from less time in the tub. I will certainly get more sleep. lol.
I am going to try and sleep again because I have to get up at 5:30 AM for work. I am going to be tired tomorrow.

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I could think of worse things to do when up at 2 AM than take a hot, soaky bath! I'm thinking like standing outside in a cold rain gathering Cuban migrants on board while sea spray is soaking your face!

Anyway, hope you were able to get up and get to work this morning. Guess we're like 7-11, here 'round the clock.


- Bob

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I don't know if I really belong to this group since I am usually going to bed at 2 am. Sometimes the cat wakes me up before dawn so he can start prowling before the birds get up to catch those worms. He's such a guy. Honey, you awake?
Aspaysia, who prefers to sleep alone.

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Hiya Maureen. OH--what tha hell--nother nightowl is always welcome and as most of you guys know, kanga is often here early hours! Not because of a "pain in tha butt" Maureen--gone past that bit, more because I just plain can't sleep and those meds I can take make me feel like some truck ran over me.
Oh--btw--if you want to hang out with me in tha weee hours you better cross tha briny. In upside down land we are usually awkae while yu all are zzzzing--lol!
luv kanga


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