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constipation and diarrhea

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Anybody have ideas about walking the tightrope between the two? Senna and lactulose are causing major cramping. But a day without a movement causes more cramping and bloating. This is complicated by Avastin, bowel cancer, and the need for pain med (morphine), which right now is needed for the cramping and distention only.

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Morphine and oxycontin always made me constipated. The docs like colace (stool sofener) and milk of magnesia. Yuck! May I recommend my friend Metamucil? It is a laxative that bulks up the stool by removing water. It helps with the diarrhea. I read somewhere that coconut macaroons are good for sorting out this seesaw cycle. Yogurt restores intestinal flora destroyed by antibiotics which you have probably taken. Worth a try.

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